Implant Dentistry

My Bridge is Wearing Out! Help!

Dental restorations are not supposed to last forever. Bridges, partials, dentures--they wear out over time.

So if you have a restoration that’s getting discolored, loose, or is simply uncomfortable, it might be time to consider replacing it.

And you know what?

You might not have to replace a bridge with another bridge! You might be able to get an implant.

We like implants for a lot of reasons. Implants feel and act more like real teeth. They promote a more youthful appearance. The hygiene routine with implants is just as it is with natural teeth—brush and floss as you always have, your hygiene appointments are on the same schedule, and you’ll take care of everything right here in the practice you know and respect.

Know what else?

It’s true that we used to have to turn a lot of long-term denture and partial wearers away from implants. But developments in the science and process of implants means that they’re now available to more and more patients.

If you’re not sure about your partial, denture, or bridge; or if you’ve always wanted implants, make sure you talk to us about it next time you come in for a cleaning.